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Maureen Taylor

Property Manager

This year I will be celebrating 10 years as a Property Manager.  I  completed my registration course  in Perth and was lucky to secure a position quickly upon my return.   

I have always really enjoyed keeping up with real estate trends which has lead me to this position.    I thoroughly enjoy dealing with clients and helping owners achieve the best outcomes from their rental property, both their financial investment along with property care and upkeep.  I also enjoy the  high energy, multi tasking and problem solving aspects of the job.  

The motto that I work by is: "Happy tenant means a happy owner resulting in a very happy Property Manager ''  

Outside of work I enjoy time in my garden, dancing, watching live music/bands, spending time with friends  and  travelling to Perth to see my family.  My favorite love is watching my children's dreams come true as they tread their paths through life.   Having travelled to some fabulous  locations globally, I plan to add more to my bucket list in the upcoming future - to see the world before I leave it!